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January 5, 2012

Raising Autism Awareness Part 4: Newfound Hope

When Chance first came in he barely spoke, if at all, he didn't make any eye contact, he really was not very aware of people in his surroundings. We started off with Matching Colors, really trying at first because chance likes to do things fast and he is not really paying attention to what he is doing, he is just placing the cards down. But as we went along he was able to pick up on the colors and now he is excellent at matching, he can match colors, he can match pictures, he can match objects. Just the other day I noticed Chance and Chad sitting down playing with cars. That never happened before. The most rewarding experience or moment for me is now Chance is saying please. So now when he wants juice he says, "Juice please! Juice Please!" So that just makes me feel so happy. Early intervention offers the best prognosis, we know that and its really important to get in and start some kind of intervention as early as possible, as soon as you start seeing some warning signs. What's important to me is that parents have to know that they can make a difference. They can start, and they can help their children. Chance now is very easygoing, he has learned a lot, I feel that he has improved just in a couple months. I started rethink autism in about October or November and I see a major improvement. Parents knowing that they are capable and that they can make a difference in their child's life is whats most important. So when I look into the future I see a brighter future for Chance. Chance has a Chance, yes, exactly. Chance has a chance.

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December 20, 2012