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January 5, 2012

Raising Autism Awareness Part 2: Chance, A Twin with Autism

This is the story of Chance and Chad, a pair of two year old non identical twin brothers. Chance was recently diagnosed with autism. The following clips will show you some of the early symptoms of autism. In this clip, Chad, a typically developing child is playing appropriately by pushing the knob to make the pieces spin. When Hannah removes the pieces, he looks up at her, then points to the empty spot to draw attention to it. He coordinates his eye gaze with smiling. He then requests for the pieces by pushing the toy towards Hannah and by pointing. In this clip, Chance, a child with autism, is more interested in the parts of the toy, rather than how it works. When Hannah removes the pieces, he looks at her hands briefly, but does not look up at her or request the pieces. Instead he remains focused on part of the toy. Here, Chad demonstrates joint or shared attention by following Hannahs point and going to the object she pointed at. Here, Chance does not follow Hannahs request to look, and does not follow her point. Here, Chad is able to follow a series of simple instructions. Note how he maintains constant eye contact with Hannah. Here, Chance is unable to follow Hannahs instructions. He does not look at her and focuses only on the toy dog Chad shows interest in what Hannah is doing. He initially builds with the block, then readily shifts and engages in pretend play with her. Here, Chance does not show any interest in what Hannah is doing and does not engage in pretend play. In the next video, well meet Trina, mother of Chance and Chad and hear her story of learning that Chance has autism and finding treatment solutions.

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December 20, 2012