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January 5, 2012


Smack, H, junk...whatever you call it, heroin is addicting! Heroin is an opiate drug which is semi-synthetic. That means it's part man-made-derived from the drug morphine-and part natural-morphine comes from the poppy flower. Heroin is a powder that can be "cooked" into a liquid and delivered via injection. It can also be sniffed or smoked. It takes ten seconds to feel the impact of injected heroine, while other methods take minutes. After taking heroin, you'll feel a rush of well-being, followed by a blissful, euphoric state. Because it's derived from morphine, heroin also provides pain relief and slowed breathing. The intense ecstasy of heroin lasts a few hours, and when it wears off, cravings often occur. Long-term heroin users often suffer from weakened immune systems and malnourishment. Even death can result. Because the drug is injected intravenously, heroin users have an increased risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis. Remember: Heroin is very addicting and is illegal.


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December 20, 2012