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Person-centered Therapy
Pros and Cons

Pros for this therapy

Psychotherapy can help you make dramatic changes in your life. Psychotherapy seeks to discover and address the underlying causes of psychological issues. Psychotherapy allows you to explore your symptoms and defenses in a constructive manner. Psychotherapy is a great tool to lead you to awareness, which can allow you to make the dramatic changes that will help you to move forward.

PCT possesses an optimistic and positive view of humanity. It holds that people are good and that in the end people know what is right or wrong for them. This positive outlook can provide an ideal environment for individual growth.  

Cons for this therapy

There are very few cons for psychotherapy, however patients who are in an acute psychotic state or severely depressed and suicidal may need hospitalization and medication to be initially stabilized. Patients with anorexia, severe personality disorders, or other organic brain diseases such as schizophrenia may need medical attention as well. All courses of psychotherapy should be supervised by a psychiatrist as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

PCT  has been criticized by behaviorists for lacking structure and by psychoanalysts for actually providing a conditional relationship. In PCT there is no emphasis placed on boundaries. For this reason, the client could guide the conversation to areas not considered appropriate for counseling.