Black Heart Lunacy

Emily Grace

Have you ever been to hell and came back from it? Berlin McKitricks life had been hell and everything she knew had been a lie, until Dr. Chase Aimes came into her life. He had been her captor, protector, doctor, famous inoculator, and friend. After three horrific events, Chase helped bring Berlin back to the world she once knew, and she was thriving. After eight-months of not seeing him, Berlin deluded the men who were paid to protect her. She boarded a plane for California to see for herself what he was teaching the medical community about her therapy. It wasnt her plan to be seen, but when she was, Chase changes everything when he professes his love. Berlin finds the love shes always craved, but will her Black Heart ruin her dream and take away everything shes ever had? Black Heart LUNACY is book two of the Black Heart Duology, and the finality of Berlins heart-wrenching story.