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Where There's Smoke and Asthma

The hazards of secondhand smoke to children are already clear in medical research, but such exposure is especially a problem for children with asthma or wheezing.

Fifty Years Later, Work Remains to Curb Smoking

Fifty years ago, the US Surgeon General first warned of the dangerous effects of smoking. On the anniversary of that announcement, the current Surgeon General has released new data.

More Americans Dropping the Habit

The risks of smoking are well established, but that doesn't mean it's easier to quit the habit. Yet, more Americans are skipping the smokes these days.

Medicine to Help Mental Health Patients Quit Smoking

A cigarette habit can be hard to kick, especially for people with serious mental illnesses. Luckily, there's a medication that might make the quitting process easier.

Testing Rx Combo to Help Smokers Be Smoke Free

Smoking causes one in five deaths in the US. Varenicline and bupropion are approved to help smokers quit, but are only partly effective. Using both medications together might work better.

Tobacco Controls Saved Millions of Lives

Anti-smoking efforts ramped up after the surgeon general's first report on the health consequences of smoking. According to a recent study, those efforts have saved millions of lives.

The Price of Smoking Tobacco After Surgery

A tobacco smoking habit can cost a lot of money. Even healthcare costs for surgeries unrelated to smoking can be significantly affected by the habit.

Quitting Smoking Lowered Risk for Cataract Removal

Smoking can contribute to the development of many health issues, including vision problems like cataracts (causes cloudy vision), but research is showing that quitting can help to lower that risk.

Psychotic Disorders and Addiction Linked

Sometimes those with mental disorders can also experience other types of physical or mental illness. One such mental illness they may be at risk for is addiction.

Smoking Bans Worked Inside and Outside the Home

A smoker can’t totally kick the habit by only smoking occasionally. Researchers have found that public — and private — smoking policies may work in much the same way.