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Vision Loss Linked to Drinking, Smoking, Lifestyle

Lifestyle habits like tobacco and alcohol consumption along with level of physical activity have wide-reaching impacts on health.

Smokers May Need Different Doses of Antipsychotics

Getting the correct dose of medication into the bloodstream means patients get the most from their medications. However, smoking may affect that process.

E-Cigarettes Might Not Help Smokers Quit

Some have suggested that e-cigarettes can be a beneficial tool for smokers trying to cut back on their tobacco habit, but evidence may be lacking for these claims.

Exposure to Tobacco Smoke May Contribute to Allergies

More than a third of children in the United States live with a tobacco smoker, and allergic diseases are becoming increasingly common among children. Could there be a connection?

Weighing the Risk of Breast Cancer from Smoking

Smoking increases the risk of getting many kinds of cancers. In the case of breast cancer, smoking combined with other factors can make that risk much greater.

Lifestyle Now May Affect Colon Cancer Survival Later

Healthy diet and lifestyle choices reduce the risk for many diseases. What effect these pre-diagnosis choices have on survival after colon and rectal cancer has become clearer.

Patches Didn't Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking

Smoking during pregnancy can result in serious health consequences for both the baby and mother. A recent study investigated if nicotine patches could help.

E-Cigarette Use Among Teens Doubled in One Year

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have been touted recently as an aid to stop smoking, but one new study suggests that e-cigarettes might lead young folks to smoke the real thing.

Even Before COPD, Smokers Exercised Less

Plenty of smokers also exercise and try to stay fit. But researchers behind a new study found that they still might not fare as well as non-smokers.

Kicking the Habit and Being Happier For It

Smoking is clearly tied to negative physical health effects, but what about mental health? Researchers behind a new review set out to explore this topic.