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Smokers May Need Different Doses of Antipsychotics
Smokers with psychiatric disorders taking olanzipine and clozapine had lower blood levels of medications than nonsmokers
E-Cigarettes Might Not Help Smokers Quit
Electronic cigarettes not tied to quitting smoking or reduced cigarette use
Patches Didn't Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking
Nicotine patches did not increase rates of pregnant women quitting smoking
E-Cigarette Use Among Teens Doubled in One Year
Smoking risk among adolescents increased with electronic cigarette use
Even Before COPD, Smokers Exercised Less
Physical activity levels in smokers lower than in adults who did not smoke
Kicking the Habit and Being Happier For It
Quitting smoking tied to improved mental health and reduced anxiety and depression
Fifty Years Later, Work Remains to Curb Smoking
US Surgeon General says smoking tied to new diseases 50 years after first warning
More Americans Dropping the Habit
Smoking rates among US adults continue to drop
Testing Rx Combo to Help Smokers Be Smoke Free
Varenicline and bupropion combination therapy for smoking cessation had short term results
Tobacco Controls Saved Millions of Lives
Smoking controls added 157 million years of life in the past 50 years
Quitting Smoking Lowered Risk for Cataract Removal
Smoking cessation lowered risk of cataract extraction but higher risk still remained years after quitting
Smoking Bans Worked Inside and Outside the Home
Smoking cessation efforts more successful when total environmental bans were in place

Smoking Cessation Videos

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The Real Cost of Smoking
If lung cancer isn't enough reason to stop smoking, then watch this video to see what it really costs you to smoke cigarettes. Smokers not only risk their health - they pay a lot of money for the privilege of doing so.
Your Quitting Plan
Wondering how to quit smoking? This video can help any smoker get ready to stop smoking cigarettes. Smart preparation is an important part of any plan for quitting smoking. Watch this video for some helpful tips.
Medications That Help You Quit
These days, there are lots of different ways to quit smoking. Your smoking cessation plan might include nicotine gum, the nicotine patch, hypnosis, acupuncture, or stop smoking pills. Watch this video to explore your options.
Alternative Therapies To Quit Smoking
Want to know how to quit smoking? The 'stop smoking pill,' also called Zyban or Wellbutrin, might help with your tobacco addiction. This video shows you how to get all of the benefits of quitting smoking with reduced withdrawal.
The Weight Gain Correlation
Quitting smoking can lead to weight gain - but it doesn't have to! If your fear of gaining weight has kept you from quitting smoking, then your days as a smoker are numbered. This video explains how to stop smoking without putting on weight.
Students and Smoking
Are you ready to quit smoking? If you're like 51 percent of college smokers, you only smoke cigarettes on a social basis, and don't consider it necessary to stop. Unfortunately, every puff bring you closer to a cancer diagnosis, or worse.