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Even Lighting Up Occasionally May Spark Health Concerns
Smoking perceived by teens as not very harmful as long as it was infrequent
The Healing Power of Quitting Smoking
Smoking may impair chronic wound healing, and doctors did not often discuss smoking with their patients
E-Cigs May Zap Addiction
Electronic cigarettes may cause less nicotine dependency than tobacco cigarettes
E-Cigs More Common Than Cigarettes Among Teens
Electronic cigarette use by teens was more common than use of conventional cigarettes, and many teens thought the devices were safer than tobacco
New Treatment Helped More Patients Ditch Nicotine
Cytisine was cheaper than nicotine replacement therapy and helped more smokers quit
E-Cigs May Help Smokers Kick the Habit
Electronic cigarette smokers smoked fewer tobacco cigarettes and were more likely to quit smoking altogether
New Report Ranks US States for Healthiness
Diabetes and smoking down in US overall, obesity and physical inactivity up
Smoking Rate Hit All-Time Low
Cigarette smoking rate dropped to new low but still had not hit nationwide goal
Quitting Smoking Improves Your Health
People who quit smoking and gained weight had lower risk of death than current smokers who did not gain weight
Millions of Medical Conditions Tied to Smoking
Cigarette smoking tied to COPD and other cases of millions of smoking attributable illnesses
Some Disagreed With WHO Report on E-Cigarettes
Electronic cigarette report misleading, said tobacco experts
E-Cigarettes May Not Help Cancer Patients Quit
Electronic cigarettes did not increase smoking cessation in cancer patients

Smoking Cessation Videos

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The Real Cost of Smoking
If lung cancer isn't enough reason to stop smoking, then watch this video to see what it really costs you to smoke cigarettes. Smokers not only risk their health - they pay a lot of money for the privilege of doing so.
Your Quitting Plan
Wondering how to quit smoking? This video can help any smoker get ready to stop smoking cigarettes. Smart preparation is an important part of any plan for quitting smoking. Watch this video for some helpful tips.
Medications That Help You Quit
These days, there are lots of different ways to quit smoking. Your smoking cessation plan might include nicotine gum, the nicotine patch, hypnosis, acupuncture, or stop smoking pills. Watch this video to explore your options.
Alternative Therapies To Quit Smoking
Want to know how to quit smoking? The 'stop smoking pill,' also called Zyban or Wellbutrin, might help with your tobacco addiction. This video shows you how to get all of the benefits of quitting smoking with reduced withdrawal.
The Weight Gain Correlation
Quitting smoking can lead to weight gain - but it doesn't have to! If your fear of gaining weight has kept you from quitting smoking, then your days as a smoker are numbered. This video explains how to stop smoking without putting on weight.
Students and Smoking
Are you ready to quit smoking? If you're like 51 percent of college smokers, you only smoke cigarettes on a social basis, and don't consider it necessary to stop. Unfortunately, every puff bring you closer to a cancer diagnosis, or worse.