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Overall US Dietary Quality Remained Low
Higher socioeconomic status associated with a healthier diet
Weight May Trigger Asthma in Kids
Childhood obesity may cause chronic narrowing of airways according to new study
Some Antidepressants Associated With Dental Implant Failure
SSRIs may reduce bone mass and density necessary for dental implant success
ADHD Medicines May Not Stunt Growth
ADHD stimulant treatments did not affect adult height in recent study
E-Cigarettes Could Prime Brain for Other Addictive Substances
Electronic nicotine delivery could mirror physiological effects on the brain caused by regular cigarettes
Quality of Life May Affect Risk of Cancer Surgery Complications
Complications after cancer surgery were less common in patients with happier home lives
DEA Puts Tighter Controls on Hydrocodone Combination Pills
Hydrocodone combination medications like Vicodin now classified as Schedule II
Depression in Cancer Patients Went Untreated
Routine depression screenings may improve cancer patient care
Parents' Actions May Influence Age Children Try Alcohol
Parental views on alcohol were largest factor in children trying alcohol before age 12
WHO Calls for Regulations on E-Cigarettes
WHO recommends regulations on electronic cigarettes regarding advertising and indoor use
Teens May Be Trying E-Cigarettes First
Electronic cigarettes tried first by US teenagers who had never smoked tobacco cigarettes
Strict Control of E-Cigarettes Recommended
Electronic cigarette policy from American Heart Association calls for ban on sales to minors

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Cutting on Campus
Purpously cutting yourself with a razor blade or knife may sound crazy, but many people find inflicting self harm to be a release of tension and an effective balm for feelings of depression. Here, a closer look at people who cut.
Sneaky Tips to Make You Smart
Ready for a corner-office? These tips are so simple, you can (and should) do them in the shower.
The Difference Between Fear and Phobia
Phobias are strong, irrational fears. Someone with a social phobia may be afraid of dating. A person with agoraphobia is scared of enclosed spaces. Some even fret over fear itself!
Warning Signs Your Fear is Caused by a Phobia
It's normal to be scared sometimes, but phobias are different.From agoraphobia to social anxiety, phobias can dominate a person's life. Luckily, learning about phobia symptoms is the first step toward recovery.
The Extreme Fear of Social Situations
Occasional social anxiety is something everyone can relate to. For people with a social phobia, everyday situations can feel unbearable. Here are the basic facts about this common fear.
The 9 Most Common Specific Phobias
Phobias are characterized by intense avoidance of things, from enclosed spaces to social situations. While debilitating, anxiety management and exposure therapy can help alleviate fear. Take a quick look at some common aversions.
Severe Social Anxiety: Understanding Agoraphobia
Agoraphobia, fear of enclosed spaces, is a common phobia. Agoraphobia symptoms can be so intense that a sufferer can undergo physical panic attacks. Some agoraphobics won't even leave their homes!
The World's Weirdest Phobias
Imagine living your life afraid of food, or scared of people. While these phobias may seem irrational to some, to others, they're debilitating. Check out this intriguing group of phobias.