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Anxiety Therapy Options for Seniors

Long-term anxiety can eat away at a person’s physical and mental health. Seniors with anxiety may find relief through a couple of different treatment options.

Looking for the Silver Lining Works

You've heard all the clichés: look on the bright side, look for the silver lining, see the glass as half full. The thing is, that strategy might actually work if you suffer from anxiety.

Shining a Light on Postpartum Depression

The birth of a new baby is often a joyful time in a mother's life. But the experience can also come with anxiety and depression. These conditions should be addressed.

Positive Therapy, Positive Outcomes

A positive outlook doesn’t always come naturally. With the right tools, therapists can help patients feel better by helping them see things in a positive light.

Are You Angry or Anxious – or Both?

Excessive anxiety interferes with an individual's daily life. So does excessive anger, whether the person acts out or bottles it up. Is it possible these conditions are related?

Apples Don't Fall Far From the Personality Tree

The apple tree saying for families goes way back. Parents' traits often become their children's traits. And parents' mental health issues often become their children's too.

The Abuse Is Past But Effects Linger

The impact of child abuse doesn't end when a child escapes an abusive environment. But knowing their future risks of health issues can help abused individuals seek treatment early.

Treating Worry and Anxiety

Worry and anxiety are difficult to live with and can cause muscular tension that can lead to severe physical problems with time.

She Works Hard for Her Money

It's no secret that not having enough money to live day to day can increase parents’ anxiety. But is an insecure financial situation enough to cause someone to have an anxiety disorder?

Lonely Hearts Stop Beating Sooner

Having a support network of friends and family can mean more than good conversation and company. Avoiding loneliness among seniors can mean living longer.