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How a Sugar High Works in the Brain

Is food addiction real? A candy bar can’t exactly be compared to heroin, but the sugar spike from candy may wake up the same part of the brain that substance abuse can trigger.

Women Eat Away Because of Abuse

Women who were abused while growing up may have a higher tendency for addictive relationships with food. This tendency could explain higher rates of obesity in abused women.

Is Fasting the New Fat-Busting Fad?

It seems like weight loss trends change constantly – and there could be a new one on the horizon. However, with this new fad, the focus is not so much on what you eat, but on how long you don’t eat.

More Visits, More Weight Lost

Stapling the stomach can help with weight loss. Those who check up with the doctor more often after surgery tend to lose even more. 

Sleep and Overeating While Pregnant

Pregnancy is notorious for causing women difficulty with sleeping — though not as notorious as the months after the baby arrives. Having an eating disorder can worsen the problem.

You Are When You Eat

If munching around the clock is your norm, you may be finding the numbers on the scale going up. But it's not how much you're eating. It's when you're eating it.

Cobbler Not So Peachy

Before you reach for a second helping of peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream this weekend, you might want to consider how all that sugar will hit your brain cells.

Rx Reduces Patients' Hunger

An advisory panel for the Food and Drug Administration has voted 18 to 4, with one person not voting, in favor of accepting a new weight loss drug called Lorqess.

School's Problem with Obesity

It is not easy being obese. Children who are overweight have it especially difficult because little kids can be pretty mean. In fact, little bullies can actually make the weight problem worse.

A new study shows that overweight and obese children may be liked less in school. The overweight children could respond to the negative social atmosphere by becoming less active and eating more.

Limit TV and videogames: keep your child active!

The study was led by Amanda Harrist, PhD, of Oklahoma...

How Gray Matter Affects Fatty Matter

Brains work in mysterious ways, influencing diet more than people might realize. It might scientifically be a lot tougher for one person to turn down a brownie sundae than another.