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Cyberbullying Increases In Modern Age

Bullying is nothing new to growing up. With phones and computers and social networks, however, there are many more ways for teens to become victims.

One Ingredient in Making a Bully

No parents want to see their child bullied or become a bully at school. But parents may play one small part in the likelihood that their child will end up a victim or a bully.

Greener Pastures for the Mind

Enjoying a community park is a great way to relax and take in a little nature. Having a park nearby may even lower stress and promote a sense of well-being.

Boston Disaster Distress Helpline Now Open

The Boston Marathon bombing was as disturbing as it was senseless. These horrible events are hard to make sense of and can cause lasting emotional turmoil. Counseling is just a free phone call away.

Find Your Exercise Bliss

Everybody needs to exercise. But for some, social anxiety may be a barrier to exercise. There is an exercise activity out there for everyone. The key is finding what works for you.

The Weight of Social Factors

Negative emotions related to body image can weigh heavy on one's heart, but could these factors actually be related to physical weight as well?

A Weak Link of Broken Hearts--EMBARGOED until 11:01pm CST on 3/23/13

The effects of a mother's body on her developing child are still mysterious in many ways. For example, the possible effects of emotional stress on a baby aren't totally understood.

Say “I Do” the Healthy Way

Weddings are wonderful, but they can also be stressful and time consuming to put together. Couples have to remember to take care of their health before, during and after their nuptials.

Lower Income Tied to Less Knee Pain

The quality of care when getting a new knee shouldn't depend on patients' income. Treatment should be the same no matter who's under the knife. But lower income patients might feel better about their surgery than patients who earn more.

Activity for the Mind and Body

An active body can keep the mind active. And an active mind stays on top of its game no matter how much a person weighs.