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A Black Eye in Teen Romance

Patterns of violence in romantic relationships often start young. And the effects of dating violence in the teen years carry over into the adult years.

Secondhand Smoke and the Unborn Baby

So it's pretty clear that smoking while pregnant is a bad idea. But what if it's just those around you who are smoking? Does that affect unborn babies too? Possibly.

Hit the Books, Not the Bottle

College can be both an exciting and a rough transition from high school. Those who struggle with mental health issues may find it harder to stay in school.

Are You Angry or Anxious – or Both?

Excessive anxiety interferes with an individual's daily life. So does excessive anger, whether the person acts out or bottles it up. Is it possible these conditions are related?

Still Feeling Depressed Despite Meds?

Antidepressants are great for treating depression – when they work. But what about depressed patients who don't get better with antidepressants? They could try a certain talk therapy.

Asking For Help Can Make Some Sad

Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for help, even if it’s really needed. For some, the assistance of others is met with relief. For others, it can bring depression and sadness.

Battle Wounds of Bullying

More and more research is looking at the long-term harm of bullying. In some cases, severe bullying may play a part in post-traumatic stress syndrome.

The Fix-Sibling-Rivalry School Club

Did you and a brother or sister fight? A lot? Wouldn't it be nice to find a way to prevent your own kids from fighting each other? Sibling rivalry may be common, but it's also unhealthy.

Underdog to Exercise Harder

Having a healthy rivalry is good. That edge is just the push to help people work out longer and harder.

Child Distress and Chest Pain Linked

Few things are as frustrating as having pain and not knowing the cause. That frustration is no less intense for children, including children with chest pain.