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Battle Wounds of Bullying

More and more research is looking at the long-term harm of bullying. In some cases, severe bullying may play a part in post-traumatic stress syndrome.

The Fix-Sibling-Rivalry School Club

Did you and a brother or sister fight? A lot? Wouldn't it be nice to find a way to prevent your own kids from fighting each other? Sibling rivalry may be common, but it's also unhealthy.

Underdog to Exercise Harder

Having a healthy rivalry is good. That edge is just the push to help people work out longer and harder.

Child Distress and Chest Pain Linked

Few things are as frustrating as having pain and not knowing the cause. That frustration is no less intense for children, including children with chest pain.

Lonely Kids Becoming Smokers

Picking up smoking in adolescence can happen for any number of reasons. But turning into a heavy smoker and staying that way into your 30s, may be the result of low social status.

When Kids Dread the Dentist

Fear of the dentist has been mocked in countless films and TV shows. However, it's a very real concern for many people – especially children. Being afraid of the dentist can lead to long-term problems with oral health.

Mediating the Effects of Child Abuse

Are there factors that can help protect victims of child abuse from developing issues as adults? New research says yes, and marriage and education may play a role.

Full Moon Madness

Healthcare professionals have held onto superstitions about the full moon increasing the risk of psychological problems in emergency rooms. Psychologists in Canada found the truth!

Pregnancy and Cocaine – A Bad Idea

It's challenging enough to raise headstrong toddlers. But toddlers and older kids whose mothers used cocaine during pregnancy? Their behavior can be especially difficult.

Stressed Out? Does Your Doctor Know?

Stress may be a part of life, but it can get too intense and interfere with daily life and sleep. It can also contribute to medical conditions – but your doctor may not talk about it.