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How Mom's State of Mind Affects Obesity

It can be challenging to raise children to be healthy, nutritious eaters. It may be tougher when mom has her own challenges to face. But options are available to help with both.

What Tossin' and Turnin' Really Means

Tossing and turning and having trouble sleeping well may be signs of having anxiety. But could it indicate depression as well? Or could depression cause sleeping problems?

World Looking Golden in the Golden Years

The 1993 comedy "Grumpy Old Men" played on the stereotype that with old age comes unhappiness. These days, the reality may be much different. Seniors appear to be growing older more happily than in the past.

The Depression Isn't All in Your Head

Depression is thought of as a mental disorder, but it can affect the rest of the body too. Having symptoms of depression may be linked to risks for other diseases.

Doctors May Miss a Beat with A-Fib Patients

Heart rhythm doctors who treat atrial fibrillation may not always be on the same page as patients when it comes to evaluating patient depression and other quality of life factors.

Not So Happy With Troubled Bladders

Some adults can't wait very long between trips to the bathroom. Many can handle their condition better than others. But some might feel embarrassed and a few might even be depressed.

Mindfulness in Schools

Teaching kids how to cope with the everyday stress of school and life may promote emotional well-being. Mindfulness coping strategies may also work to reduce depression.

Good News for Daycare Blues

Some moms may feel guilty about taking their children to daycare instead of staying home with them. But new research may help them feel better, especially if moms have depression symptoms.

Weakened Immunity Disrupts Mood

Bodies in top-notch shape internally tend to defend themselves against infection and a variety of disease. When those inner defenses are down, however, body and mind alike can suffer.

Thinking of Suicide After Being Bullied

Bullying in schools has gained a lot of media attention due to the high number of teenage suicides in recent years. Many of these suicide victims were lesbian or gay victims of bullying.