Depression INFO CENTER

Risks of Depression with Pregnancy

More awareness exists today about postpartum depression than in the past. But now women are becoming aware of another concern — prenatal depression.

Don't Be Indifferent to Your Heart

While depression has been linked to health problems, researchers have paid less attention to apathy. In recent studies, however, apathy has also been linked to health issues.

Spotting Cancer Depression Easy as 1-2

Being diagnosed with and treated for cancer can be as emotionally troubling as it is physically demanding. But identifying cancer patients who may need to be treated for depression may have gotten a little easier.

Exercise for Depression: The Jury Is Still Out

It's not news that exercise can boost mood. But as far as helping with actual depression, exercise might not work as well as other methods to ease symptoms.

Arthritis and Depression: It's Not All In Your Head

Arthritis, which can lead to painful bones and joint damage, is a physical condition. However, according to recent research, it may also affect patients' mental health.

Soothing Cigarette Habit Hard to Break
Many smokers will say that their habit soothes them, even if they are trying to quit. Depression is one problem from which some smokers are seeking relief.

Irritability and Depression Could Mean Something More

Most people feel angry or irritable at times, but frequent and severe irritability in the setting of someone with depression could mean that person may have a harder road to travel.

Parents-as-Drill Sergeants Not the Best Choice

A fair amount of study has been spent on whether spanking children can cause them any long-term harm. But what about lots of yelling at children?

A Sip of Wine for Your Troubles

Enjoying a glass of wine with your dinner may be helping to protect your mental health.

Meds vs Therapy to Prevent Return of Depression

Prescription medication and cognitive therapy are common treatments for individuals battling depression. Both of these treatments aim to help a depressed person get rid of negative thoughts over the long haul.