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Lifestyle Linked to Memory Issues, Even for Younger Adults
Memory loss complaints linked to poor health and lifestyle choices for adults of all ages
Rising Blood Pressure, Declining Memory
Dementia risks were higher among people who had high blood pressure either in middle age or old age
Negative Outlook May Prompt Dementia
Dementia was less common in older people with a positive view of others
Speaking More Than One Language May Help the Brain
Speaking two or more languages associated with slower cognitive decline
Not All Alzheimer's Patients Have Memory Loss
Hippocampal sparing Alzheimer disease variant was characterized by protein tangle count and location
Exercising Away Cognitive Impairment
Aerobic training tied to significant increase in hippocampal volume
Healthy Hearts and Strong Brains
Poorer heart health in young adulthood tied to cognitive decline in midlife
Not Enough Info to Recommend Routine Dementia Screening
Routine screening for cognitive decline not recommended but doctors should still look for signs of cognitive problems
Trouble Breathing Linked to Trouble Thinking for Seniors
COPD linked to an increased risk for mild cognitive impairment in a group of older adults
Diet in Midlife Affects Dementia Risk
Eating fruits and veggies and unsaturated fats in middle age may help prevent dementia
Estrogen May be Good for the Brain
Estradiol therapy in postmenopausal women at risk for dementia maintained brain function
Poor Heart Health and IQ Linked to Early Dementia
Early onset dementia associated with poor cardiovascular fitness and lower cognitive performance at age 18