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Treatment for Irregular Heartbeat May Raise Dementia Risk
Overtreatment with warfarin and antiplatelets tied to raised dementia risk in atrial fibrillation patients
Vitamin B Did Not Improve Thinking or Memory
B vitamin treatment did not improve cognitive function in elderly patients with raised homocysteine levels
Brain Trauma May Raise Dementia Risk
Traumatic brain injury patients were more likely to develop dementia than patients with other injuries
High Blood Pressure May Prompt Mental Decline
Prehypertension and hypertension in midlife may raise the risk of later cognitive decline
Stress and Personality May Predict Dementia in Women
Dementia related to Alzheimers disease possibly driven by neurosis and long term stress
Anxiety Treatment May Lead to Alzheimer's Later
Extended benzodiazepine use associated with higher risk of Alzheimers disease
Some Medicines for Dementia Patients May Not Help
Medications with questionable benefits had substantial costs
Staying Fit to Stay Sharp
Obesity in 30s associated with higher risk of dementia
Brain Function Affected Stroke Risk
Cognitive decline linked with increased risk of stroke in older adults
Vitamin D May Lower Alzheimer's Risk
Dementia risks were higher in those who lacked vitamin D in new study
Memory-Loss Concerns Could Indicate Dementia Onset
Alzheimer dementia linked to early memory loss concerns reported by patients
Fish Oil May Prevent Cognitive Decline
Fish oil supplements may prevent memory loss did not appear to reverse established memory loss