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Brain Function Affected Stroke Risk
Cognitive decline linked with increased risk of stroke in older adults
Vitamin D May Lower Alzheimer's Risk
Dementia risks were higher in those who lacked vitamin D in new study
Memory-Loss Concerns Could Indicate Dementia Onset
Alzheimer dementia linked to early memory loss concerns reported by patients
Fish Oil May Prevent Cognitive Decline
Fish oil supplements may prevent memory loss did not appear to reverse established memory loss
Staying Active May Lower Alzheimer's Risk
Physical inactivity and low educational attainment possibly risk factors for Alzheimer disease
Long-Term Impact of Brain Injury
Traumatic brain injury increased risk of dementia in veterans
Occupation, Education and Genes Predicted Mental Clarity
Mental decline came later for well educated people who did not carry particular gene
Lifestyle Linked to Memory Issues, Even for Younger Adults
Memory loss complaints linked to poor health and lifestyle choices for adults of all ages
Rising Blood Pressure, Declining Memory
Dementia risks were higher among people who had high blood pressure either in middle age or old age
Negative Outlook May Prompt Dementia
Dementia was less common in older people with a positive view of others
Speaking More Than One Language May Help the Brain
Speaking two or more languages associated with slower cognitive decline
Not All Alzheimer's Patients Have Memory Loss
Hippocampal sparing Alzheimer disease variant was characterized by protein tangle count and location