Exercising Away Cognitive Impairment

Aerobic exercise can promote healthy weight loss and bone health. New research shows that it could also help maintain brain volume and fight cognitive decline.

Healthy Hearts and Strong Brains

Keeping blood pressure in check could reduce your risk for heart disease. But could it also help you stay sharp in midlife?

Not Enough Info to Recommend Routine Dementia Screening

Although mental decline in old age is common, the exact rate is still not known. It also remains unclear when people should get screened for mental decline.

Trouble Breathing Linked to Trouble Thinking for Seniors

For seniors, having difficulty breathing could be a sign that other medical problems are on the horizon — problems like a decline in memory and thinking abilities.

Diet in Midlife Affects Dementia Risk

The food choices made in midlife could have a profound impact as people age. A healthier diet high in fruits and veggies may help prevent future decline in brain function.

Estrogen May be Good for the Brain

Hormone therapy for postmenopausal women at risk for dementia may help maintain brain function, but only certain kinds of hormones have shown this effect.

Poor Heart Health and IQ Linked to Early Dementia

Being physically fit and mentally healthy in your youth may help you grow old with your brain faculties intact.

Dementia Still a Risk for Diabetics Controlling Blood Pressure

Type 2 diabetes has been linked to dementia and cognitive decline in older adults. A recent study examined whether intensive blood pressure goals and fibrate therapy could help.

Linking Estrogen, Diabetes and Dementia

How well the brain functions often depends on the body's overall health. For older women with changed hormonal levels and diabetes, brain health may be a particular concern.

Something Fishy for Your Brain

If you're not a big fish eater, you may be missing out — or at least your brain might be missing out on a helpful nutrient found in fish oil.