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Put Down the Fork: Rx Could Curb Binge-Eating

Patients with binge-eating disorder face a lack of approved treatments for their condition. A new medication could give hope to these patients.

Binge Eating Lowers Work Productivity

A company is only as good as its workforce. Getting the most out of workers could be optimized with binge eating interventions and obesity health initiatives.

Loss of Control: Food, Drugs & Depression

Binge eating may be a predictor of marijuana and other drug use and depression. The good news is binge eating can be successfully treated.

Teach ‘Em When They’re Young

Compared to teenagers, it’s easier to get kids to break bad eating habits and start exercising. The earlier kids can learn to be healthy, the better chance they will have of staying that way.

Sleep and Overeating While Pregnant

Pregnancy is notorious for causing women difficulty with sleeping — though not as notorious as the months after the baby arrives. Having an eating disorder can worsen the problem.

Comparing Therapies for Binge Eating

We all over-eat from time to time, but people with Binge-eating disorder (BED) do it so often that it can get in the way of daily life. A new study compared therapy and medication for BED.

When Men Binge

Television, movies and media would all have you believe that eating disorders such as binge eating, anorexia and over exercising only affect women.  New research shows that more men binge eat than previously reported.

Standardizing Ideals

Many shudder at the thought of gathering body measurements, especially weight. Yet researchers have found that BMI collections may provide the best foundation to calculate progress in anorexia and bulimia.

Bringing About Order

Living in the twenty-first century, people hold a wide-variety of responsibilities and stressors, making it increasingly difficult to focus on a fitness regime or balancing a diet.

Are You a Pica Eater?

Eating disorders are more common than many might think. Recent statistics show that one in particular is on the rise.