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Child Disability Rates Offered Surprises

One of the national surveys that investigates health conditions in children also tracks disability rates. And a recent study found a surprising trend in those rates.

Being Mindful of Parenting Stress

Parenting a child with autism and/or other disabilities can be rewarding yet stressful. Learning to manage that stress can help moms be more effective parents.

Pesticide Exposure While Pregnant Linked to Autism

To date, there is still no known single cause of autism. But recent research may have uncovered a new potential player in the development of the condition.

It Might Be More Than Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological condition in which individuals experience seizures. But often children with epilepsy have other health concerns as well.

No Link Between Vaccines and Autism, Large Study Confirms

Vaccines have prevented millions of illnesses, yet some uneasiness about their safety persists for some parents. One of the biggest concerns has been shot down again.

Autism: A Family Affair

Researchers have searched for possible causes of autism in just about every area imaginable. But it appears that at least part of the cause may be within a child's genes.

Tummy Troubles in Kids with Autism

It's often thought that children with autism also tend to have more stomach trouble than other children. But is that really the case?

Balancing Antidepressants' Risks during Pregnancy

Taking antidepressants during pregnancy has always involved a balancing of possible benefits and risks. But so does skipping the medication when a mom has depression.

Autism Increasing and More Likely in White Males

Developmental disorders like autism and Asperger’s syndrome affect families around the world. Tracking cases is part of the clinical effort for better treatment options.

Parents' Weight Linked to Autism

The search for possible causes of autism has gone in a lot of different directions. But finding a link does not mean finding a cause.