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Robin Williams Dead at 63
Depression and addiction were lifelong struggles for Robin Williams
Alcohol Abuse Linked to Memory Loss
Brain function problems more than twice as likely in people who reported history of alcohol use disorders
Energy Drink Cocktails May Increase Desire to Drink
Alcohol with energy drinks increased urge to keep drinking and lowered breath alcohol concentration
Even Light Drinking Poses Risk to Heart
Cardiovascular health may improve for light and moderate drinkers who cut back on alcohol
Alcohol Ads May Influence Underage Drinking
Underage drinking tied to alcohol magazine ads as youth exposed more frequently to certain brands
Risk Factors for Falling Asleep at the Wheel
Drowsy driving tied to binge drinking and lack of sleep
Drinking Behind Many Early Deaths Each Year
Alcohol consumption behind many premature deaths including those from liver disease and car crashes
Teens Smoking Less, But Also Less Active
Teen drinking and smoking habits examined in survery of youth risk behaviors
Guidelines Issued for Drug Testing in Teens
Drug testing in teens and kids may be appropriate in some situations
Report Exposes the Dangers of Alcohol
Alcohol responsible for millions of deaths and disease worldwide
Rx Options for Cutting Alcohol Cravings
Alcohol abuse medications acamprosate and naltrexone reduced alcohol cravings and consumption
Many College Students Smoke Pot and Drive
Marijuana use was more often associated with driving than alcohol use among young adults

Alcohol Addiction Videos

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Drinking and Driving
Someone is killed by a drunk driver every 45 minutes. Does this make you MADD? Learn more about drunk driving, from what blood alcohol level really means to how drinking and driving can irreparably change your life.
Staging an Intervention
So, someone you care about is drinking too much and you want to have an intervention. While interventions can work, a person who abuses alcohol must be willing to stop drinking. Here are tips for convincing your friend that its time to quit drinking.
Seeking Support
If you or someone you care about is suffering from a drinking disorder, alcohol rehab--from Alcoholics Anonymous to Rational Recovery--can help with alcoholism. To learn more about how best to help an alcoholic, check out this video.
The End Result of Alcoholism
Many people are able to responsibly use alcohol. However, repeated alcohol abuse or a diagnosis of alcoholism can both lead to severe consequences. Here, we'll look at what addiction can mean to your body--from cirrhosis to cancer.
What is Alcohol Poisoning?
Alcohol poisoning is a truly scary side effect of drinking too much, yet alcohol abuse doesn't always lead to this potentially deadly problem. To sort the safe from the scary drunk, check out this video.
Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction
Over 76 million people worldwide are currently affected by drinking disorders, from alcoholism to binge drinking. If you're worried that you or someone you know is an alcoholic, this video is a good place to start.
Binge Drinking
Alcohol is a part of many people's lives, but did you know that more than 18 percent of Americans face real problems with it, from binge drinking to alcoholism. Have you crossed the line into alcohol abuse? We may have the answer.