Alcohol Addiction INFO CENTER

High Costs of Drinking Too Much

Drinking too much can result in more than just a hangover. Too much alcohol can lead to expensive health care, property damage costs and missing time at work.

Women Seek Help for Alcohol Abuse Sooner

Men and women in treatment for alcohol abuse start drinking roughly around the same age. But there may be a big difference between these men and women as to when they seek treatment for alcohol abuse.

Stopping the Path to Drugs and Alcohol

It's often possible to detect future problems among children who are disruptive in school. Even kindergartners who act up might be at greater risk for problems later — unless someone steps in.

Taking the Edge Off With Alcohol?

A traumatic event sometimes leads traumatized people to try and ease the pressure by, among other means, drinking too much alcohol. But there are healthier, more effective ways to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

Fewer Moms-To-Be Abusing Booze

Pregnant women have been getting the memo about not abusing alcohol. But higher drug abuse rates among moms-to-be suggest there is still a need for education and support.

Practicing Moderation to Stay Sharp

Aging is a fact of life, but you may have some control over how quickly it happens. Turns out heavy drinking and smoking may speed up aging of the mind. 

Smoking Loses Ground Among Teens

When it comes to smoking, teens have been making better choices recently than in years past. Since most smokers start when they’re teens, this decline points to healthy futures.

What “Getting Totally Wasted” Means

College kids use terms like "hammered" and "buzzed" to talk about drinking. These labels may lead students to think binge drinking is normal and a buzz is harmless.

Binge Drinking and Pregnancy Don't Mix

It is already known that drinking during pregnancy can affect the growing baby's brain and development. But different amounts of alcohol drunk at different times in a pregnancy may have different effects.

Ouch! I Bonked my Head!

Many of us will remember what it was like to be an awkward, clumsy teenager. Remember bonking our heads on a door after staring a bit too long at our high school crush? How often are injuries like these serious?