Alcohol Addiction INFO CENTER

Go Ahead, Have The Alcohol Talk

Parents may feel like their teenagers don’t listen. But when it comes to talking to teens about dangerous drinking, parents can make a real impact.

After ICU, Alcoholics Likely Return

After leaving the intensive care unit of a hospital, many patients wind up back in the hospital—especially patients with alcohol use disorders and mental health conditions.

Childhood Woes Impact Adult Stability

For alcoholics, suicide attempts may have more to do with childhood troubles than their current circumstances. Looking at their whole past may shed light on future risks.

Success Over Teen Drinking

Teenagers have an incredible capacity to learn, grow and change. And that capacity may be of service when it comes to reducing unhealthy drinking behavior among teens.

Using to Cope With Parental Deployment

Using alcohol or drugs during times of stress is the last thing a kid should be doing. But kids admitted to hitting the hard stuff when a parent was away on military deployment.

Alcohol, Suicide and Overdoses

Alcohol has never been known to improve clear-headed decision making. For a person who is thinking about taking their own life, alcohol and medication can make a lethal combo.

Daredevils Don’t Need Vodka with Red Bull

Energy drinks are full of caffeine and sugar, which can pack quite a kick. But what happens if people drink energy drinks with alcohol? Do people get double buzzed and reckless?

With Hep C, Alcohol is a No Go

For healthy people, a drink or two can be okay. But for people with hepatitis C liver infections, a drink or two a day might be very dangerous.

Binge Drinking: A Global Issue

Having a glass of wine with dinner is not the same as throwing back five rounds in one night. Across the globe, many people don’t drink, but those who do may be drinking too much.

Have A Drink, Not Four

Crossing the line between one or two drinks to three or four isn’t difficult, but it may not be healthy. Researchers have found that many people have been drinking too much.