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Ouch! I Bonked my Head!

Many of us will remember what it was like to be an awkward, clumsy teenager. Remember bonking our heads on a door after staring a bit too long at our high school crush? How often are injuries like these serious?

An Alcohol and Pregnancy Balancing Act?

With all the changes happening to a woman's body during pregnancy, a glass of wine may seem enticing. The debate continues about whether a small amount of alcohol will hurt the baby.

Anti-Balding Rx Doesn’t Mix With Alcohol

A male pattern baldness medication has been known to come with a few side effects. No longer wanting to drink, or being able to enjoy a drink, may be added to the list.

Too Big a Nightcap May Not Help Sleep

It may seem that throwing back extra drinks would help folks fall asleep faster and sleep better overall. But that may not be true for those having more than four drinks at a time.

Many Designated Drivers Were Drinking

Designated driver does not mean "the most sober person in the group," but for many people that has been the case. Designated driver really means "the sober person in the group."

Quit Smoking Rx Helped Heavy Drinkers

A prescription used to help people quit smoking may also help people with alcohol dependence. The medication had side effects, but the benefits may outweigh the negatives.

Having “The Talk” with Teens

Parents may feel that what they say to their kids goes in one ear and out the other. But parents may have more influence than they think when it comes to talking with their teens about alcohol and drug use.

Kids Seeing More Drinking in Movies

Movie characters haven’t been smoking on the silver screen nearly as much as they used to. They have been drinking beer though, and more and more of it every year.

Embargoed until 5/17@4pmCST*Pints Before Puberty Makes Risky Adults

Teens that start drinking before their bodies finish developing may wind up with a few bad drinking habits later in life. It’s no wonder there are laws prohibiting teens from drinking.

Smoke Makes Boozers Cloudy

Smoking can make people look like an older person, but can it make people think like an older person? Alcoholics that also smoke may be prematurely aging their brains.