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Deadly Consequences of Heavy Drinking Were Greater for Women

Many people like to relax after work with a drink or two. But for women, having a few too many can be a dangerous thing.

Smoking, Drinking and Body Posture

For some people, smoking and drinking go hand-in-hand. Those habits, however, may affect individuals’ ability to stand up or keep from falling down.

Drinking Habits Varied After Weight Loss Surgery

Previous research has suggested that people who have surgery to lose weight tend to drink more alcohol after the surgery, but new research suggests this may not be true.

Traffic Deaths Tied to Alcohol May Be Underreported

The dangers of drunk driving are widely known. But are statistics about deaths from this dangerous activity accurate?

Teens Driving Drunk after Riding with Drunk Drivers

It's important to teach teens not to drive while under the influence. But there may be risk factors parents can watch for in doing so.

Binge Drinking Poses Risks Even for Moderate Drinkers

Binge drinking is a known health problem among heavy drinkers. Even people who drink less may face serious risks from episodes of heavy drinking.

Rx Helps Heavy Drinkers Drink Less

For heavy drinkers, abstaining from alcohol is a tough goal. Topiramate, a new drug, may reduce heavy drinking in people with a certain gene variation associated with alcohol dependence.

Energy Drinks Tied to Drug and Alcohol Use in Teens

Energy drinks are popular beverages among teens, but one new study suggests that teens who make these drinks a daily part of their diet may boost their risk of drug and alcohol use.

Heavy Drinking Could Harm Memory Later

Too much alcohol can cloud your memory of an evening, but could it also cloud your memory later in life? A new study suggested it might.

Psychotic Disorders and Addiction Linked

Sometimes those with mental disorders can also experience other types of physical or mental illness. One such mental illness they may be at risk for is addiction.