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Mixed Report Card on Teen Substance Use

Teens may be drinking and smoking less – but they are smoking out more. Cigarette smoking and alcohol use are at their lowest levels among teens while pot use has climbed.

What About the Children?

Sex! Violence! Drugs! Alcohol! Bullying! Pregnancy! Parenting can feel like a minefield at times, and a recent national poll reveals how important all these child health issues are to adults across the U.S.

Beyond ADHD

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, can cause a variety of behavioral problems among children on its own. However, new research is showing a potential connection between ADHD and other issues as these children enter adolescence.

Drug & Alcohol Related Birth Defects

The National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD) has released numerous studies investigating the outcomes of alcohol and drug use during pregnancy.

You May Already Be an Alcoholic!

The danger presented by alcoholism is widely recognized, but many people still overindulge. Now, the doctors charged with defining addiction may label many more of them as alcoholics.

The American Psychiatric Association is in the late stages of revising their influential rulebook: the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. There are indications that the standards used to differentiate partying from actual addiction will be changed to the point where many college revelers, sports fans who imbibe, and weekend pub...

Teen Tobacco and Alcohol use Down, Pot Still Hot

Many parents worry about their teenagers using drugs or alcohol. Although facts still support concern, a recent survey shows steady declines in alcohol consumption and cigarette use in recent years.

Risk Assessments

Children of alcoholics face a steep uphill battle -- against their at-home environment, their families, even their genetics. Fortunately there is more awareness and research devoted to alcoholism's effects on children than ever before.