Negative Outlook May Prompt Dementia

A person’s outlook on life and on other people can affect their mental and physical health.  A negative outlook may be linked to dementia, which is a bigger problem among older people than younger ones.

Dealing with the Boston Bombing's Aftershocks

The Boston Marathon bombing led to a large-scale manhunt rarely seen in the US. Hundreds of families were required to shelter in place while it continued.

E-Cigs on the Airwaves

One of the reasons cigarette TV commercials left the airwaves was their market appeal to youth. It's unclear whether that may be the fate of e-cigarettes as well.

Speaking More Than One Language May Help the Brain

There's a common expression: "It’s never too late to learn." When it comes to the benefits of learning another language, this expression seems to hold true.

The Changing Face of Heroin Abusers

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have put safeguards on medications to make it harder to abuse certain prescription painkillers. But those changes may be leading some to use illegal drugs.

Common ICU Treatment Might Lead to Delirium

A patient being treated at an intensive care unit (ICU) is likely at their most vulnerable point on the road to recovery. And one common ICU treatment could potentially have long-term side effects.

Possible Risks of E-Cigarettes Remain Unknown

As cities continue to crack down on people lighting up cigarettes and public health efforts highlight the dangers of tobacco use, e-cigarettes are seen as a possible way to help people quit.

Drugged Driving Nearly Doubled in Last Decade

Widespread public education and law enforcement efforts warn of the dangers associated with driving under the influence of alcohol. But new research suggests there's another growing problem to be aware of while on the road.

Guidelines Issued for Drug Testing in Teens

The teenage years are a common time for experimentation, which can include experimenting with alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

It Might Be More Than Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological condition in which individuals experience seizures. But often children with epilepsy have other health concerns as well.