Long-Term Impact of Brain Injury

One of the most common injuries from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars has been traumatic brain injury. Researchers are still learning the long-term implications of this injury.

Rx for Children with ADHD May Cause Heart Issues

Children with ADHD may take medications to help them focus on schoolwork, improve impulsive behaviors, and better follow instructions from parents. However, one type of ADHD medication may have a small risk of potentially serious health issues.

E-Cigarettes Commonly Marketed on Twitter

Advertising for cigarettes and other tobacco products has been banned in mass media. Yet e-cigarettes are often advertised on traditional media platforms like print, television and radio.

Losing Weight for Better Sleep

Being overweight can have a wide range of effects on people's overall health, both mental and physical. And numerous studies have shown that increased weight is associated with a decrease in sleep at night.

Drinking Behind Many Early Deaths Each Year

Drinking may be seen as a way to relax, but in some cases it can easily become a serious issue. A new study suggests that excessive drinking may be leading to many early deaths in the US.

Serious Stress May Lead People to Turn to Tobacco

Tobacco use remains one of the most preventable causes of illness and death in the United States each year. It seems that some adults may be driven to using tobacco by serious stress.

Women with Chronic Illness More Likely to Use Mental Health Care

Ongoing illness can burden the mind as it also takes a toll on the body. Counseling and other therapies aimed at boosting a sick individual’s mental wellness is a common course of action for some, but not for all.

Insomnia Didn't Boost Blood Pressure

Sleep is an important aspect of maintaining good health. So people with insomnia may wonder how their problem affects their health. They may have one less health concern to worry about.

The Next Generation of Tobacco Users

Tobacco use among young adults is on the rise, with many of them using more than one type of tobacco product daily.

Teens Who Smoked Menthol Cigarettes Smoked More

The harmful health effects of smoking haven’t stopped some people from smoking. Teens are smoking, too, and some factors may increase smoking in teens.