Rising Blood Pressure, Declining Memory

High blood pressure is tied to greater risks of stroke and heart attack. But high blood pressure also may affect people in areas that may not seem so obvious, including their mental capabilities.

Single Gene Doubled Risk of Lung Cancer

After decades of public health initiatives, it’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health and can ultimately cause lung cancer.

Child Maltreatment Rates High

It is estimated that about 1 percent of all children experience maltreatment each year. But the figures for maltreatment throughout childhood may be much higher.

E-Cigs Increased Urge to Light Up Tobacco Cigarettes

Decades of research suggest that if a smoker watches someone else light up a cigarette, it will likely increase the smoker’s urge to light up themselves. Seeing someone use an electronic cigarette may have the same effect.

Negative Outlook May Prompt Dementia

A person’s outlook on life and on other people can affect their mental and physical health.  A negative outlook may be linked to dementia, which is a bigger problem among older people than younger ones.

Dealing with the Boston Bombing's Aftershocks

The Boston Marathon bombing led to a large-scale manhunt rarely seen in the US. Hundreds of families were required to shelter in place while it continued.

E-Cigs on the Airwaves

One of the reasons cigarette TV commercials left the airwaves was their market appeal to youth. It's unclear whether that may be the fate of e-cigarettes as well.

Speaking More Than One Language May Help the Brain

There's a common expression: "It’s never too late to learn." When it comes to the benefits of learning another language, this expression seems to hold true.

The Changing Face of Heroin Abusers

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have put safeguards on medications to make it harder to abuse certain prescription painkillers. But those changes may be leading some to use illegal drugs.

Common ICU Treatment Might Lead to Delirium

A patient being treated at an intensive care unit (ICU) is likely at their most vulnerable point on the road to recovery. And one common ICU treatment could potentially have long-term side effects.