Occupation, Education and Genes Predicted Mental Clarity

As people age, there are sometimes impacts on memory, communication and other mental faculties. But could choices we make throughout life ultimately delay the onset of those conditions?

Avoiding Tobacco After a Heart Attack: A Healthy Choice

After a heart attack, quitting smoking can be a life-saving health decision. Could quitting smokeless tobacco have the same effect?

Pesticide Exposure While Pregnant Linked to Autism

To date, there is still no known single cause of autism. But recent research may have uncovered a new potential player in the development of the condition.

Treating Toddlers with ADHD: Lacking Guidance

There are guidelines for treating children 4 years of age and older for ADHD, but no such guidelines exist for younger children. That lack of guidance hasn’t prevented the treatment of thousands of toddlers for ADHD.

Warnings About Suicide and Antidepressant Use Backfired

In 2003, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued several warnings about a possible increased risk of suicide among young people who were prescribed antidepressants. However, these warnings may have had the opposite effect than intended.

Iron Levels in the Brain Might Signal ADHD in Youths

There has been a debate about ADHD and whether it's overdiagnosed. To date, there has not been an objective way to diagnose the condition, but new research may change that.

Therapy May Help Cancer Patients Sleep Easier

Matters of health can't always be separated clearly into physical issues and mental issues. A new review examined one such overlap between physical and mental health — sleeping troubles in cancer patients.

Depression May Raise Risk for Heart Disease in Younger Women

Young women are more prone to depression than older women or men of any age. New research looked into whether depression was a sign of physical health problems.

Being Physically Fit May Boost School Grades

Being physically fit is healthy for the body and mind, regardless of age. New research suggests that physical fitness also may give a boost to kids' grades in school.

Rx Combo for Quitting Smoking Was Better than One Rx Alone

Even though there are a variety of aids to help people quit smoking, it’s still a tough habit to kick. But if one of those aids isn't doing the job, a combination of smoking cessation therapies may do the trick.