Understanding Mental Health on a Large Scale

Mental illness affects so many people, yet studies on mental illness are often small and focus on just one type of condition. Looking at the big picture may be necessary to fully understand the nature of mental illness and its treatment.

Too Little Sleep Linked to Diabetes and Obesity

Sometimes, we take sleep for granted. But getting a good night’s sleep can be key to maintaining a healthy metabolism and preventing diabetes and obesity.

Dental and Mental Health Linked

Could tooth loss present more than just an oral health problem? New research suggests dental hygiene could have a broader impact on well-being.

Mood-Stabilizing Rx Tied to Lower Risk of Some Cancers

Mood-stabilizing medications are used to treat mental or neurological conditions, but a new study suggested that one of these medications might have an unexpected effect — preventing cancer.

Smokers May Need Different Doses of Antipsychotics

Getting the correct dose of medication into the bloodstream means patients get the most from their medications. However, smoking may affect that process.

Not Enough Info to Recommend Routine Dementia Screening

Although mental decline in old age is common, the exact rate is still not known. It also remains unclear when people should get screened for mental decline.

E-Cigarettes Might Not Help Smokers Quit

Some have suggested that e-cigarettes can be a beneficial tool for smokers trying to cut back on their tobacco habit, but evidence may be lacking for these claims.

Violent Video Game Play Increased Aggression

More than 90 percent of youth in America play video games. Many of these games are violent and contain mature themes. Are they changing the way children and teenagers think about aggression?

Traffic Deaths Tied to Alcohol May Be Underreported

The dangers of drunk driving are widely known. But are statistics about deaths from this dangerous activity accurate?

Exposure to Tobacco Smoke May Contribute to Allergies

More than a third of children in the United States live with a tobacco smoker, and allergic diseases are becoming increasingly common among children. Could there be a connection?