Parents' Weight Linked to Autism

The search for possible causes of autism has gone in a lot of different directions. But finding a link does not mean finding a cause.

Heart Failure Patients Need Their Sleep

Lack of sleep can put some serious stress on your body — especially if you are already recovering from organ failure. It's possible that not sleeping could land you right back in the hospital.

E-cigarette Poisonings Increase

Electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity over the past several years. But greater popularity and use also mean more opportunities for children to find them.

Rx May Prevent Cocaine Relapse

Part of beating drug addiction is learning how to combat the craving. Not all triggers of drug cravings are obvious, and stopping those triggers might be the key to beating addiction.

Sleeplessness Tied to Heart Health

Not getting enough sleep is a common complaint, but a regular lack of sleep can be unhealthy. Being routinely sleep deprived can tax the body, including the heart.

Few Spine Surgeons Used Psych Screening Before Surgery

Mental health issues may play a role in disabling back pain that can require surgery, and experts recommend mental health screening before spinal surgery. But it seems some surgeons may have missed this recommendation.

Depression Can Hit the Heart

Depression is a mental condition. However, the dangers of this condition can spread beyond mental health, and may even involve the heart.

If You Give a TV Star a Cigarette

When teens see stars smoking in movies and on TV, they're more likely to light up themselves, says past research. But is the same true for adults?

Anti-Anxiety Meds Tied to Doubled Death Risk

Prescription medications were designed to help prevent illness and death, not cause it. But new research suggests some common medications could increase the risk of an early death.

Tobacco Ads Still Reaching Young Audiences

Tobacco companies are not as free to advertise as they were years ago, but a new study suggests that despite restrictions, cigarette marketing is still reaching many young people.