Staying Fit to Stay Sharp

Being obese in middle age can cause immediate health problems. But it may also affect brain health in the decades to come.

Meds Plus Therapy Helped With Depression

The most common treatment for depression is prescription antidepressants. But a more effective treatment could be to combine the medicine with therapy sessions, a new study suggests.

Babies Screened Early for SCID Were More Likely to Live

Immunodeficiency in newborns can put them at risk for death or lifelong health problems. New research shows how important early screening may be for newborns' health.

Perfect Parenting Pressures Could Affect Mental Health

Becoming a parent for the first time can be hard for some people. But some new parents may risk developing a mental disorder when they also face social pressures to be perfect parents.

Child Disability Rates Offered Surprises

One of the national surveys that investigates health conditions in children also tracks disability rates. And a recent study found a surprising trend in those rates.

Peer Group Could Influence Medication Abuse Patterns

Prescription medicine misuse continues to be a problem in the United States, and researchers recently wanted to find out why.

Moms' Postpartum Days Were Sleepy

The first several weeks after a new baby can be a whirlwind — especially for moms. But the effects of sleeping pattern changes may last for months.

Poor Sleep May Affect Suicide Risk

Trouble falling asleep, tossing and turning all night — we’ve all had a poor night’s sleep. And, aside from feeling tired the next day, there could be more serious repercussions associated with low sleep quality.

Doctor Shopping Was Common After Bone Surgery

After orthopedic surgery, many patients return to their doctor asking for more pain medication. But many find other doctors in addition to their own who will prescribe them more narcotics.

Robin Williams Dead at 63

Oscar-winning actor and comic Robin Williams died at his home in Northern California August 11.