Autism Increasing and More Likely in White Males

Developmental disorders like autism and Asperger’s syndrome affect families around the world. Tracking cases is part of the clinical effort for better treatment options.

Taking Steps to Reduce Smoking

Quitting smoking is a tough task for most smokers. One healthy activity might be a great place to start.

Deadly Consequences of Heavy Drinking Were Greater for Women

Many people like to relax after work with a drink or two. But for women, having a few too many can be a dangerous thing.

Eating Disorders Are Not Just a Women's Issue

Eating disorders are common among teenagers and young adults. However, these conditions are usually assumed to affect only women, making the issue even more critical for men.

Mental Boost from Spending Time With Grandchildren

Many grandparents will tell you that caring for their grandchild gives them great joy. What they may not realize is how their minds are benefiting from the interaction.

Running in Twenties Kept Brain Sharp Later

While running and other types of cardio exercises are certainly good for the heart, these activities may help the mind as well and even provide a brainpower payoff later in life.

No Sleep Could Put Patients at Risk for Stroke

Insomnia can negatively affect your health in many ways because of the stress that lack of sleep puts on your body. It's possible that this stress could even affect your heart health in a big way.

Exercising Away Cognitive Impairment

Aerobic exercise can promote healthy weight loss and bone health. New research shows that it could also help maintain brain volume and fight cognitive decline.

Smoking, Drinking and Body Posture

For some people, smoking and drinking go hand-in-hand. Those habits, however, may affect individuals’ ability to stand up or keep from falling down.

Drinking Habits Varied After Weight Loss Surgery

Previous research has suggested that people who have surgery to lose weight tend to drink more alcohol after the surgery, but new research suggests this may not be true.