Is Your Teen Getting Enough Sleep?

Not getting enough sleep can have serious effects on physical and mental health. This is particularly true for teens, whose bodies and minds are still developing.

When Anxiety Complicates ADHD

Nearly half of all children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder also have an anxiety disorder. It's important to understand how these disorders together affect children.

The Health Risks of Sleep Apnea

Having one health condition can often put someone at risk for another health condition. Such is the case with obstructive sleep apnea, a common but underdiagnosed sleep disorder.

Creative De-Stressing From Work Rigors

What employees do on the job and away from it has its effects. Leisure activities that help workers detach from work for a while may affect their job performance and outlook.

Imaging Tool Helped Predict Recovery from Brain Damage

The brain remains complex and elusive to clinicians, who still have difficulty determining if or when someone with a severely damaged brain will recover. Now there may be a new tool to help them.

Brain Injury in Teens Increased Emotional Issues

Every year, more than half a million teenagers experience a serious concussion. These brain injuries often leave lasting damage, but to what extent?

Sleep Apnea Could Affect Bone Health

Sleep apnea has been linked to disease of the immune system and inflammatory diseases. But there's one part of the body possibly affected by sleep apnea that many may not even consider.

Special Scans to Detect Brain Injury

Brain scans can detect brain disorders. Concussion, a mild brain injury, may be more accurately diagnosed through certain kinds of brain scans than others.

Eating May Help Ease Relationship Anger

Couples married for a long time don’t often mention food when speaking of how they have kept the relationship going, but maybe they should.

Seniors Making Informed Medication Choices

Certain sleeping pills and anxiety medication could be risky for seniors. Evidence-based education could help them to choose their medications wisely.