Less Medication, More Care for Dementia Patients

Caring for a family member with dementia can be difficult. A structured treatment plan, however, may help you and your loved one.

Manage Your Stress to Help Your Heart

Exercise in your teens is a good thing, but even with exercise, poor ability to cope with stress may affect your heart later in life.

This Rx Helped Smokers Ease into Quitting

Quitting cold turkey works for some smokers, but others struggle with stopping all at once. It's not easy for most smokers, but there's a medication that might help some ease into quitting.

This Pill-Free Therapy May Improve Sleep

A bad night of sleep once in a while is no big deal, but it can turn into a serious health issue for some. Many treatments β€” even some that don't require medication β€” may help patients with these sleep problems.

Smoking May Be Even Riskier Than Once Thought

Smokers, it’s never too late to quit β€” and there may now be even more good reasons to do so.

Science Said 'Yes' to Nap Time for Adults

Babies and toddlers are expert nappers, but perhaps tired and stressed adults should pencil in some nap time, too!

Another Reason to Quit: Smoking and Back Pain

Of all the parts of the body smoking can damage, the back doesn't seem like it would be one of them. Many smokers with lower back arthritis, however, may beg to differ. Smokers with this condition may not respond as well to treatment as nonsmokers.

Why Many Women May Struggle After Heart Attacks

Stress is a feared enemy of heart health, but most people have a hard time kicking it out of their lives. Learning to cope with stressful events may be an important step for women recovering from a heart attack.

Preventing Painkiller Problems for the Public

Pain medications can be a double-edged sword. People in pain need help. Too much of a good thing, however, can cause addiction and endanger health.

No Raised ADHD Risk from Labor Rx

In the quest to find the cause of ADHD, anything a child is exposed to can be on the list of suspects. New evidence may mark one potential cause off that list.