Nix That Nightcap — Alcohol May Disrupt Sleep

Getting better sleep may be as simple as skipping your nightcap.

FDA Warns of Rare but Serious Skin Reactions from Ziprasidone

FDA is warning that the antipsychotic drug ziprasidone (marketed under the brand name, Geodon, and its generics) is associated with a rare but serious skin reaction that can progress to affect other parts of the body.

New Report Ranks US States for Healthiness

The United Health Foundation today released its annual state health rankings. The states varied widely, and some national measures of health saw slight improvements.

It's a Gas: Possible Depression Treatment Worked Fast

They say laughter is the best medicine — and that may prove true when it comes to depression. Laughing gas has shown some promising results for easing depression.

Doctors May Hesitate to Prescribe Pain Rx

Some doctors may believe that opioids to treat pain are prescribed too often and pose a risk of abuse. That belief might have made some less likely to prescribe these medications.

Some Hookah Users Got 'Hooked' on Cigarettes

Alternative tobacco products like snus and hookahs may be gaining popularity among teens and young adults — and they may also spark later cigarette use.

Don't Let Depression Keep You Down — Treatment Can Help

If you’re depressed, you have company. And you can take steps to feel better.

Without Proper Control, Diabetes May Lead to Mental Decline

In middle age, taking care of yourself now could mean avoiding a health crisis later — and that may go double for diabetes patients. Middle-aged diabetes patients may have a raised risk for mental decline later in life.

Head Trauma May Up Risk of Substance Abuse in Teens

Teens often engage in risky behaviors, but a head injury may mean double trouble, a new study found.

Smoking Rate Hit All-Time Low

Efforts to reduce smoking like public bans and media campaigns may be having an effect. The number of Americans who smoke may be smaller than it has ever been.