Poor Heart Health and IQ Linked to Early Dementia

Being physically fit and mentally healthy in your youth may help you grow old with your brain faculties intact.

Pfizer Issues Antidepressant Rx Recall

Taking prescribed medication can become a habit that we execute without much thought. But concerns about a medication mix-up may lead some to double-check their labels this week.

Too Much TV, Too Little Sleep

It may be tempting to park a child in front of the TV for a couple hours a day. But that peace and quiet may backfire if the child sleeps less at night.

Bullying Victims Likely to Think About Suicide

Between 5 and 20 percent of youths around the world are victims of bullying. Without help, these young people may start thinking about harming themselves.

How Parents Use Cell Phones at Mealtime

Mobile phones have become an increasingly important and often demanding part of life today. But do they get in the way of parent and child interaction?

Energy Drinks Tied to Teen Troubles

Energy drinks are intended to give you a boost, but a new study tied energy drink consumption in teens to a number of negative issues, including depression.

Hearing Loss Linked to Depression Among Adults

Hearing loss is one of the most common chronic conditions in the United States, and one new study found that even minor hearing loss can have an impact on mental health.

ADHD Treatment Lowered Car Accident Risk in Men

Safely driving a car requires concentration and focus, which might be difficult for those with ADHD. One new study looked at the relationship between ADHD and serious car accidents among adults.

E-Cigarette Use Among Teens Doubled in One Year

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have been touted recently as an aid to stop smoking, but one new study suggests that e-cigarettes might lead young folks to smoke the real thing.

Bursts of Anger Tied to Heart Troubles

Calming down to keep from bursting out in anger might not just be good for your relationships — it might be better for your heart, according to a new review.