PTSD May Raise Risk of Premature Birth

Premature birth can lead to serious health consequences for newborns. And new research shows that the mother's mental health status may raise the risk of early delivery.

Air Pollution May Increase Risk of ADHD in Children

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons — usually shortened to PAH — are a component of air pollution. And new research suggests they may raise the risk of ADHD in children whose mothers are exposed to them.

Child Mental Health Disorder Rates May Not Be Rising

Recent claims about children's mental health in the media have had a tendency to be somewhat negative. But a new Canadian study suggests some of those claims may be inaccurate.

Some Heart Symptoms May Not Have Physical Causes

Chest pain is always a good reason to see the doctor. But, in some cases, heart symptoms like chest pains may not have a physical cause.

Mild Depression May Slow Spine Surgery Recovery

Spinal stenosis tends to affect patients as they grow older. Surgery can provide relief, but those with even slight depression may face difficulties recovering.

Mental Health Tied to Heart Health

A mental health disorder can affect both work and family, but can it also affect your heart health? A new Canadian study suggests so.

Brain Trauma May Raise Dementia Risk

Researchers have long debated whether a single brain injury can raise a patient's risk for dementia. And new research suggests that it might.

Depression Common Among Women With Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease like breast cancer can come as an emotional shock. And a new study found that women diagnosed with breast cancer had a raised risk for depression.

Most Overdoses Involved Opioids

When taken incorrectly, prescription medications may be just as deadly as illegal drugs. Recent research found that most overdoses involved prescription opioids.

Chronic Diseases May Be Tied to Mental Health Problems

The difficulties of chronic disease can affect many areas of life — perhaps even mental health, suggests a new study.