Few Spine Surgeons Used Psych Screening Before Surgery

Mental health issues may play a role in disabling back pain that can require surgery, and experts recommend mental health screening before spinal surgery. But it seems some surgeons may have missed this recommendation.

Depression Can Hit the Heart

Depression is a mental condition. However, the dangers of this condition can spread beyond mental health, and may even involve the heart.

If You Give a TV Star a Cigarette

When teens see stars smoking in movies and on TV, they're more likely to light up themselves, says past research. But is the same true for adults?

Anti-Anxiety Meds Tied to Doubled Death Risk

Prescription medications were designed to help prevent illness and death, not cause it. But new research suggests some common medications could increase the risk of an early death.

Tobacco Ads Still Reaching Young Audiences

Tobacco companies are not as free to advertise as they were years ago, but a new study suggests that despite restrictions, cigarette marketing is still reaching many young people.

Healthy Hearts and Strong Brains

Keeping blood pressure in check could reduce your risk for heart disease. But could it also help you stay sharp in midlife?

Premature Births Linked to Antidepressant Use in Moms

There are more premature babies born these days than there were 20 years ago, and there are more pregnant women taking antidepressants. Researchers recently looked to see if there was a link between the two.

Vision Loss Linked to Drinking, Smoking, Lifestyle

Lifestyle habits like tobacco and alcohol consumption along with level of physical activity have wide-reaching impacts on health.

Depression and Diabetes Don't Play Nice with Kidneys

Depression is common among diabetes patients and has been linked to negative health outcomes such as heart disease and death. And there may be more.

Understanding Mental Health on a Large Scale

Mental illness affects so many people, yet studies on mental illness are often small and focus on just one type of condition. Looking at the big picture may be necessary to fully understand the nature of mental illness and its treatment.