Put Down the Fork: Rx Could Curb Binge-Eating

Patients with binge-eating disorder face a lack of approved treatments for their condition. A new medication could give hope to these patients.

New Rx Guidelines May Keep Kids Out of ER

The guidelines for prescribing antipsychotics to kids are changing — and those changes may keep kids safer.

How Overtime Can Affect Your Drinking Habits

Logging extra long hours at work might frustrate friends and family and limit free time, but can it also drive some people to drink?

Fighting the Blues Was a Winning Battle

When a period of feeling blue gets worse or doesn't go away, you may be depressed. Getting effective treatment can be the key to your recovery.

Mental Health Rx Posed Physical Health Risks

Older adults taking newer antipsychotic medications may need to be extra wary of bumps and slips.

Even Lighting Up Occasionally May Spark Health Concerns

Teens may have a tendency to think they're bulletproof, but even an occasional cigarette can be harmful to their health.

The Healing Power of Quitting Smoking

One more entry on the list of reasons to quit smoking: quitting may help your body heal its wounds. Many doctors, however, may not be talking about this benefit with their patients who smoke.

When Mental Health Affects Physical Health

Women who survive traumatic events may have to fight yet another enemy: an increased risk of diabetes. A healthy diet and overall lifestyle may lower that risk.

Communities Could Curb Binge Drinking

Just after the revelry of New Year's Eve, some sobering news came to light about alcohol consumption in the US. Experts are stressing the importance of community efforts to curb binge drinking.

Are There Cures for Hangovers?

After the last drops of New Year's Eve champagne have been drunk, some revelers may be in a less-than-happy mood when they wake up with a hangover. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure for hangovers — it's really just about not drinking too much and staying hydrated.