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Exercise Early May Not Prevent Depression in Adolescents Later
Physical activity at age 14 not associated with reduced depression 3 years later
Millions of Medical Conditions Tied to Smoking
Cigarette smoking tied to COPD and other cases of millions of smoking attributable illnesses
Alcohol Often Involved in ER Visits for Prescription Abuse
Opioid pain reliever and benzodiazepine abuse emergency room visits and deaths also involved alcohol in many cases
CDC Reports Americans Living Longer Than Ever
Heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease remained leading causes of death
Heart Problems May Start Early on in Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia patients showed risk factors for cardiovascular problems in early stages of mental illness
Researchers Find Possible Link Between Tobacco and Oral HPV
Oral HPV rate higher in tobacco users in new study of human papillomavirus type 16
20 Years of Marijuana Research Summarized in New Report
Marijuana use has been linked to psychological dependence, impaired motor control and mental health problems
Mental Health Issues in Cancer Patients Differed By Cancer Type
Breast cancer patients had highest rates of mental health issues compared to those with other cancers
Drug Overdose Deaths a Problem in US
Overdose death rates from opioid pain relievers and heroin have risen in US during recent decades
Mini-Stroke May Lead to PTSD
Transient ischemic attacks or temporary strokes may raise risk of post traumatic stress disorder
Stress and Personality May Predict Dementia in Women
Dementia related to Alzheimers disease possibly driven by neurosis and long term stress
Experts Say Opioids May Not Be Worth Risk for Some Conditions
Risks of addiction, overdose and death from opioid use may not be worth benefits in treating chronic, noncancer conditions
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Binge Drinking
Alcohol is a part of many people's lives, but did you know that more than 18 percent of Americans face real problems with it, from binge drinking to alcoholism. Have you crossed the line into alcohol abuse? We may have the answer.
Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction
Over 76 million people worldwide are currently affected by drinking disorders, from alcoholism to binge drinking. If you're worried that you or someone you know is an alcoholic, this video is a good place to start.
What is Alcohol Poisoning?
Alcohol poisoning is a truly scary side effect of drinking too much, yet alcohol abuse doesn't always lead to this potentially deadly problem. To sort the safe from the scary drunk, check out this video.
Bipolar II & Mania: Linea's Story
Linea tells the story of her serious depression and mental health issues in high school. Hearing her story is a firsthand account of teenage depression. Listening to her story is difficult, but necessary to learn how depression affects teenagers.
Bipolar: A Mother & Daughter's Journey
Nancy tells the story of suffering through Bipolar Disorder. Hearing the story from diagnosis to a stay at a mental health center to successful treatment is necessary to understand the reality of how Bipolar Disorder affects a whole family.
Bipolar: Light at the End of the Tunnel
Nanci and two of her daughters all suffer from Bipolar Disorder. Listen to their story all the way from pre-diagnosis to treatment. Hearing this story is necessary to understand the reality of how Bipolar Disorder affects a whole family.
Suicide: A Mother's Struggle
Linda tells the story of her son who successfully committed suicide as a college student. Hearing this tragedy from the mouth of a mother is difficult, but necessary to understand the reality of suicide and how it could be prevented.
Suicidal Depression: Linda's Battle
Linda's suicidal depression began with panic attacks, which developed into a tragic suicide attempt. Listen to her describe her journey from an unstable, depressed person to someone living successfully with mental illness.